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Boulder Pass Trail in Glacier Park: Mileage Summary

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Boulder Pass Trail Summary:
Mileage and Trail Map

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Boulder Pass Trail, Glacier Park
                    Boulder Pass Overlook along the Boulder Pass Trail. 

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Boulder Pass Trail Summary:
Mileage and Trail Map

BOULDER PASS TRAIL (From Kintla Lake to Goat Haunt)
Trailhead: Kintla Lake
Total Distance:  31.3 miles
Elevation Gain:  3,472 feet
Elevation Loss:  2,513 feet
Mountain Passes:  Boulder Pass (7,423 feet), Brown Pass (6,255)

Backcountry Campgrounds:  
Kintla Lake Head (KIN) mile 6.3, Upper Kintla Lake (UPK) mile 11.6, Boulder Pass (BOU) mile 17.2, Hole In The Wall (HOL) mile 21.7, Brown Pass (BRO) mile 22.8, Hawksbill (HAW) mile 24.9, Lake Francis (FRA) mile 25.1, Lake Janet (JAN) mile 27.9, Waterton River (WAT) mile 30.9, Goat Haunt Shelters (GOA) mile 31.3.

The Boulder Pass Trail is located in the remote Northern Wilderness, and is one the premier overnight hikes in Glacier National Park.  Each step presents breathtaking beauty and majestic peaks that surround you in all directions.  You will get a rare glimpse into some of the most wild and remote areas found anywhere in the lower 48 states, and we can assure you that you'll remember this incredible Glacier Park hike for the rest of your life!  

We are excited to show you some of the highlights of this spectacular hike as it is one of our favorite multi-day hikes in Glacier National Park. However, to truly appreciate the vastness, the remoteness and the astounding beauty found in this special place, you really need to grab your overnight pack and experience the Boulder Pass Trail first hand.  You'll then understand why we are so passionate about this amazing multi-day hike. 

The trailhead for Boulder Pass is located at the Kintla Lake Campground at the foot of Kintla Lake. This section of Glacier National Park is known as the Polebridge/North Fork Area.  Located along the west side of Glacier National Park, the North Fork Area is the gateway to the great Northern Wilderness.

The Boulder Pass Trail takes you along the north shores of Kintla Lake and Upper Kintla Lake, and you will then begin the steep ascent up many switchbacks to the west side of Boulder Pass.  You'll then hike past the Boulder Pass Campground on your way to the east side of Boulder Pass and the Boulder Pass Overlook.  Both Boulder Pass and the Boulder Pass Overlook are directly above the famous Hole In The Wall of Glacier National Park. 

The two most popular overnight hikes involving Boulder Pass that originate from the Boulder Pass Trail trailhead at Kintla Lake is either the hike to Goat Haunt, which is a total of 31.3 miles, or the hike to Bowman Lake Campground via Brown Pass, which is 36.6 miles.  

To reach Goat Haunt Ranger Station from Kintla Lake, you will first hike to Boulder Pass along the Boulder Pass Trail, then to Hole In The Wall, then Brown Pass, then down the beautiful Olson Creek Valley past Lake Francis and Lake Janet, then finally to Goat Haunt.  Again, the hike along the Boulder Pass Trail from Kintla Lake to Goat Haunt is 31.3 miles in length. 

For all the details including photos, click on the following links:
Boulder Pass Trail- Kintla Lake to Boulder Pass
Boulder Pass Trail- Brown Pass to Goat Haunt

Boulder Pass Overlook, Boulder Pass Trail, Glacier Park
Boulder Pass Overlook along the Boulder Pass Trail

Kintla Lake Foot (Mile 0.0)  
Kintla Lake Head Campground (KIN), mile 6.3
Foot of Upper Kintla Lake (Mile 9.0)
Upper Kintla Lake Campground (UPK), mile 11.6
Boulder Pass West Side (Mile 17.2)
Boulder Pass Campground (BOU), mile 17.2
Boulder Pass Overlook (Mile 19.5)
Boulder Pass - East Side (Mile 19.5)
Hole In The Wall Campground (HOL), mile 21.7
Brown Pass (mile 22.6)
Brown Pass Campground (BRO), mile 22.8
Olson Creek Valley Headwall (mile 22.9 to 24.5)
Thunderbird Pond (Mile 24.5)
Hawksbill Campground (HAW), mile 24.9
Lake Francis Campground Trail Junction (mile 25.0)
Lake Francis Campground (FRA), mile 25.1
Lake Janet and Janet Lake Campground (JAN), mile 27.9
Waterton Lake Trail / Boulder Pass Trail  Junction (mile 30.4)
Waterton River Campground (WAT), mile 30.9
Goat Haunt and Goat Haunt Shelters (GOA), mile 31.3

Goat Haunt is an official international border crossing location that has actual Border Patrol Agents that will check your valid passport.  Without a valid U.S. Passport, you will NOT be able to take the boat across Upper Waterton Lake to Waterton Village, or hike the Waterton Lake Trail to Waterton Village. They will make you turn around. There are no exceptions.  YOU MUST HAVE A VALID U.S. PASSPORT!

How Do You Get Back To Your Car At Chief Mountain Customs Trailhead?
Well, that’s a really good question.  Unless you have a magic car, which are very hard to come by, you’ll either have to have a second car waiting for you at Waterton Village, or you can find out thru online chat rooms who is hiking this trail in the opposite direction during the same time you’re hiking it, and swap keys along the trail. Hitch-hiking back to Chief Mountain Customs Trailhead from Waterton Village is tough because there is an International Border Crossing.  Most people don’t want to deal with any problems with passports, etc., especially from a stranger, so most folks won’t offer you a ride.


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